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If you’re pulled over for speeding or any other reason, your fines are only going to increase if you were driving with an expired license or registration, or without auto insurance. Driving with an expired license or without insurance carries its own penalties and will make insurance more expensive to get or maintain.

At Paul Kubosh, Attorney at Law, our lawyers fight day in and day out to get traffic tickets and other Class C misdemeanors reduced or thrown out entirely. We are able to handle many traffic cases and related criminal defense work quickly while giving attention to each and every one of our clients.

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Know The Consequences Of Driving Without Insurance

Choosing to drive without car insurance can seem like an easy way to save money, but the costs can quickly add up if you’re involved in an accident or pulled over by the police. In addition to other moving violations, failure to carry auto insurance in Texas can result in a maximum of $317 fine as well as surcharges of $250 a year for three years on insurance once you obtain it. This becomes a permanent part of your driving record.

Working To Reduce The Impact Of Traffic Citations

If you are driving without a valid license, getting stopped for another reason will result in additional fines and costs down the road. Texas imposes a maximum fine of $267 for driving with an expired license as well as a $100 surcharge a year for three years on auto insurance. This also becomes a permanent part of your driving record.

Driver registration issues frequently come up during traffic stops. Expired registration does not result in heavy fines, but it is something that drivers should address as soon as possible.

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We know that our busy clients don’t always have the time to fight traffic tickets in court, but paying large fines that result from driving without a valid license or insurance can be a challenge. Our attorneys can handle most of the representation in court and will work to get your fines reduced or eliminated.

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