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When you stand charged with any kind of crime, it is an extremely stressful and upsetting experience. At Paul Kubosh, Attorney at Law, our understanding of the legal process is expansive and thorough.

We are proud to offer our clients highly personalized legal counsel to ensure that the court process fully respects their rights. With your future, freedom and reputation on the line, let our Harris County criminal defense lawyers help you.

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Developing The Defense That Is Right For Your Unique Case

With over 50 years of combined experience, our team knows that cases are won and lost in the details. This is why when we take on a new case, we dive into investigations with thorough, detailed research of both your circumstance and relevant legal precedents. We know all too well that a cookie-cutter legal strategy is much less likely to succeed than when a legal team devotes the necessary time and resources to a tailor-made defense.

At Paul Kubosh, Attorney at Law, our knowledgeable team can help you with any of the following criminal matters:

  • Assault and battery charges, including battery committed with a firearm or weapon
  • Drug violations, including possession, manufacturing, distribution or intent to sell
  • DWI charges for first-time or repeat offenders
  • Felony charges for offenses that include drug charges, weapons charges, and murder
  • Misdemeanor charges for offenses that include drug charges, theft crimes, and DWI
  • Sex crime charges for violations related to child pornography, solicitation, and others
  • Theft crime charges, including shoplifting, petty theft, and burglary
  • White-collar criminal offenses involving embezzlement, wire fraud, and other financial crimes
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