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Have you recently been stopped and given a moving violation? We know that these tickets can easily turn into a big headache. In addition to hefty fines, many citations can result in increased insurance premiums down the road, making one ticket very costly.

The traffic ticket lawyers of Paul Kubosh, Attorney at Law, work extensively with Class C misdemeanors and traffic-related criminal cases. We have helped thousands of Houston drivers successfully reduce the fines that they have to pay. In many cases, our lawyers can get tickets thrown out completely. If you have been stopped and cited, do not plead guilty by paying the fine. We are here to help with your traffic ticket case.

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Anyone can be stopped and ticketed for a moving violation. When our clients get tickets, we work quickly to get them taken care of while providing our clients with individual attention. Some of the most common types of tickets we help people fight are:

Don’t Get Caught In A School Zone Trap

School zones are prime locations for drivers to be cited by police. Texting while driving through a school zone is illegal. Speeding near schools can carry additional fines. Passing a school bus that has its stop lights flashing is also illegal in Texas unless you are on the opposite side of a road separated by a median or other physical barrier.

If you are ticketed for any of these reasons, call our lawyers today to see how to have your fines reduced.

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We can represent you in court and may be able to help lessen the impact that a citation has on your life. Don’t let a ticket turn into a burden.

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