Unsafe Lane Changes

Need Help Getting Out Of A Ticket For An Unsafe Lane Change?

If you received a traffic ticket for an unsafe lane change, you may want to fight it if you believe you made a safe switch in lanes. Most illegal lane change violations are based on the subjective interpretation of a police officer.

Law enforcement officers may issue unsafe lane change tickets when drivers:

  • Do not use blinkers
  • Cross multiple lanes of traffic
  • Do not leave room for other vehicles to maneuver around them

With more than five decades of collective experience, the office of Paul Kubosh, Attorney at Law, is committed to helping you to either get your citation dismissed or the penalties reduced significantly. Our traffic ticket lawyers have handled more than 200,000 cases and 187,000 court dates in the Houston area, which means we understand what it takes to get the most favorable outcome possible.

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Penalties For Illegal Lane Changes

In Texas, an unsafe lane change violation can result in a fine of up to $200. In addition, it results in a two-point mark on your driving record and may increase insurance premiums.

Incurring four or more violations in one year runs the risk of suspension of your driver’s license. Remember, driving record offenses and violations remain on record for no more than five years.

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Our attorneys can help you prepare a statement to counter the police officer’s testimony and help you gather enough evidence that supports your case. You do not have to pay for something that you did in a legal manner.

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