Montgomery County

Traffic Ticket Lawyers in Montgomery County

Traffic Ticket Lawyers in Montgomery County

At Kubosh Law, we help individuals respond to traffic tickets in the best possible way. Our lawyers customize a plan for you to reduce the consequences or even get your ticket thrown out. With in-depth knowledge of the legal process for traffic tickets, we know what mistakes the police can make when they write tickets. We also know what things to look for in preparing your defense strategy.

Our Montgomery County traffic ticket defense lawyers have in-depth knowledge and the experience that gets results. Let us give you the peace of mind to know that your case is in good hands. Contact us to talk about your case.

What are my options if I get a traffic ticket in Montgomery County?

There are a few ways to respond if you get a traffic ticket in Montgomery County

  • Trial – A traffic ticket is an allegation by a law enforcement officer. By itself, it is not a conviction. You have the right to a trial on the merits of the charges. The law enforcement officer must come to court, and you have a right to testify in your own defense. If the state cannot prove the charges against you, the court may dismiss the ticket.
  • Plea bargain – Not all traffic tickets are created the same. It may be possible to negotiate a pela bargain to less serious charges. A plea isn’t automatic, and our lawyers can help you make the case for a favorable plea bargain.
  • Deferral – A deferred adjudication is a period of probation that results in dismissal of the ticket. There are important terms and conditions to know before accepting a deferred adjudication.
  • Defensive driving course – Some offenses qualify for traffic safety school. It may be possible to have the ticket dismissed by taking a course.
  • Pleading guilty – You do not have to contest the ticket. By pleading guilty, you agree to pay the full penalty and have the conviction on your record.
  • Pleading no contest – A no contest plea has the same effect as a guilty plea, but you do not admit guilt. A no contest plea may be appropriate if there is an accident relating to the ticket and potential civil liability.

It’s important to understand what each option does and what it does not do. The best way to respond depends on your personal circumstances and the strength of the legal case. Our lawyers for traffic ticket defense can help you evaluate and determine the right option.

Serving All Cities in Montgomery County

We are traffic ticket defense lawyers representing individuals in all Justice of the Peace and Municipal Courts in Mongomery County. Wherever you have received a ticket, we can assist, including:

Oak Ridge North
Cut and Shoot
Cleveland (also in Liberty County)
Houston (mostly in Harris County)
Panorama Village
Patton Village





Oak Ridge North




What to do in Montgomery County

Veterans Memorial Park and Educational/Visitors Center

Veterans Memorial Park pays tribute to U.S. veterans and current service members. It is lead by the Montgomery County Veterans Memorial Commission.

Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary

Wolves and dogs are given a safe place to call home in the Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary. There are different rooms for different species, and volunteers share knowledge about the animals living in the sanctuary.

Lake Conroe

Lake Conroe has 157 miles of shoreline. There is a park, boat ramp and vendors who facilitate recreation on the lake.

City of Conroe Art Benches

The City of Conroe features art benches throughout the city.

Conroe Aquatic Center

The Conroe Waterpark has children’s and youth-adult pools. There are also water slides. The Center offers classes and special events.

Big Rivers Waterpark & Adventure

The waterpark offers a variety of water and land attractions for children and families. The private park operates seasonally.

Montgomery County Info

Montgomery County is a county in southeast Texas. It touches Harris County. The local county government is the Montgomery County Commissioners Court. They offer live streaming of their meetings. Interstate 45 and Interstate 69/U.S. Highway 59 pass through the county along with several state highways.

There are several cities and towns in the county. Conroe is the county seat. With a population of 620,443 as of the 2020 Census, the county saw a 36% population growth from 2010-2020.

There is a general aviation airport in the county, Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport. However, George Bush Intercontinental Airport also serves county residents. There are Lone Star College System campuses within the County. Lake Conroe is the largest body of water.

Texas Traffic Violations

Traffic Tickets




Moving Violations


Stop Sign Violations


Red Light Violations


Driving Without Insurance


Montgomery County Police Stations/Sheriffs/HWY

Montgomery County Police & Highway Patrol

Montgomery County is home to numerous police and highway patrol offices, including:

City of Conroe Police
2300 Plantation Dr. Conroe, Texas 77303
(936) 522-3200

Montgomery County Constable Precinct 5
19100 Unity Park Drive Magnolia, Texas 77355
(281) 259-6493

Magnolia Police Department
18111 Buddy Riley Blvd. Magnolia, Texas 77354
(281) 356-2500

City of Montgomery Police Department
101 Old Plantersville Rd. Montgomery, TX 77356
(936) 760-5800

Oak Ridge North Police
27424 Robinson Rd. Oak Ridge North, TX  77385
(281) 292-4643

Shenandoah Police Department
29955 I-45 Shenandoah, TX 77381
(281) 298-5522

Montgomery County Court Houses

Where is traffic court in Montgomery County?

If you get a traffic ticket in Montgomery County, either a Justice of the Peace Court or a Municipal Court will adjudicate it. Justice of the Peace Courts are part of county government while municipal governments may establish their own courts. There are five Precincts for Justice of the Peace courts in the county.

What court has jurisdiction over your traffic ticket depends on where it occurred and what law enforcement agency wrote it. A state district court or a county court may have jurisdiction if it is a serious offense.

Where do I go for traffic court in Montgomery County?

The court information should be listed on the ticket itself. There are a lot of jurisdictions for traffic court in Montgomery County – five justice of the peace courts and several municipal courts. Be sure to double check the location in advance of your court date. Call the court if you have questions.

Are Montgomery County traffic courts open?

Check the court website for whether your traffic court is open. Most courts are open, but some have special protocols or are allowing alternative arrangements on request.


Montgomery County Justice of the Peace – Precinct 1

Willis Location

300 S. Danville St.

Willis, TX 77378

(936) 539-7801


Montgomery Location

19380 Highway 105 West, Ste 507

Montgomery, TX 77356

(936) 788-8374


Montgomery County Justice of the Peace – Precinct 2

2241 North 1st Street

Conroe, TX 77301

(936) 538-3788


Montgomery County Justice of the Peace – Precinct 3

1520 Lake Front Circle Ste. 100

The Woodlands, TX 77380

(281) 364-4284


Montgomery County Justice of the Peace – Precinct 4

22354 Justice Drive

New Caney, TX 77357

(281) 577-8970 or (936) 521-8970


Montgomery County Justice of the Peace – Precinct 5

19100 Unity Park Drive

Magnolia, TX 77355

(281) 259-6494 or (936) 539-7806


City of Montgomery Municipal Court

101 Old Plantersville Rd.

Montgomery, TX 77316

(936) 597-6434


Magnolia Municipal Court

18111 Buddy Riley Blvd.

Magnolia, TX 77354

(832) 934-0605


Shenandoah Municipal Court

City Hall

29955 I-45 N

Shenandoah, TX 77381

(281) 298-5522


Oak Ridge North Municipal Court

27424 Robinson Rd

Oak Ridge North, TX 77385

(281) 292-8736


Conroe Municipal Court

2300 Plantation Drive

Conroe, TX 77303

(936) 522-3246

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Montgomery County Hospitals and Medical Centers

Montgomery County Hospitals and Medical Centers

Montgomery County is home to numerous hospitals and medical centers, including:

HCA Houston Healthcare

504 Medical Center Blvd

Conroe, TX 77304

(936) 539-1111


Montgomery County Public Health Clinic

1300 South Loop 336 West

Conroe, Texas 77304

(936) 523-5020


St. Luke’s Health

17400 St Lukes Way

The Woodlands, TX 77384

(936) 266-9000


Medella Urgent Care

18535 Farm to Market Rd 1488 #210

Magnolia, TX 77354

(346) 808-3670

Contact our Montgomery County Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Contact our Montgomery County Traffic Ticket Attorneys

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