Can You Get a Ticket in the Mail in Texas?

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It’s bad enough to be slapped with a ticket when you are in your car – and at least being directly at the scene of whatever it is you’re being accused of doing – but if you get a ticket in the mail, it stings a bit more. Is that even legal? This is a great question that we’ll explore further, but if you are facing a traffic ticket, consulting with an experienced Houston traffic ticket attorney is the best path forward. 

A Ticket in the Mail?

Traffic cameras that capture your license plate number and generate tickets by mail are highly controversial throughout the nation, and laws vary considerably from state to state. Texas takes a firm stance against camera-generated speeding tickets, which are not legal. In other words, you will not be receiving a speeding ticket in the mail. Whew. 

Tickets related to running red lights, however, are another story. Although a state ban went into effect in 2019, those locations where there is a local ordinance that allows these cameras are permitted to keep the cameras in use, but only until their equipment leases run out. This is a bit of a loophole, but for the most part, you can count on not receiving a red-light ticket in the mail. 

The Immense Expense of a Traffic Ticket

A traffic ticket can really cost you, and it’s about more than the expense of paying the fine involved. In addition to that sticker price, all of the following can apply:

  • Your car insurance is likely to increase considerably, which can add up to a whopping total quite quickly.
  • If you already have points against your license, your driving privileges could be suspended. 
  • Regardless of the number of points you already have, a traffic ticket will add more and will leave you more susceptible to a license suspension. 

Take your traffic ticket seriously. 

Seek the Skilled Legal Advice of an Experienced Houston Traffic Ticket Attorney

A traffic ticket can set you back more than you may recognize, and fighting the charge is your right. At Kubosh Law in Houston, our resourceful traffic ticket attorneys take great pride in helping clients like you prevail over traffic tickets and the serious consequences that come with a conviction. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact or call us at 713-491-6977 today. 


Why not just pay the ticket?

When you sign and pay your ticket, it means that you accept guilt, and this can come back to haunt you financially – when your car insurance rates rise. It can also mean a license suspension. 

What if the officer is right?

While you may feel guilty, that does not mean that you actually are. Better to discuss the matter with someone who understands the intricacies of the law before you accept guilt. 

Will my ticket be dismissed?

While having your ticket dismissed is the general goal, it is not a black and white matter. If your attorney can’t get your charge dismissed, he or she may be able to have its severity reduced, which is also advantageous.

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