Helping You Avoid The Consequences Of A DWI Conviction

When you share the road with others, you are expected to follow the laws, including that you will not drink an excessive amount of alcohol and get behind the wheel. If you are pulled over and tested for driving while intoxicated (DWI), you could be charged if you are found to have a blood alcohol content over .08%.

At Paul Kubosh, Attorney at Law, our criminal defense lawyers are experienced at protecting our clients against charges.

Using Our Experience To Challenge Charges

With more than 50 years of combined experience, we are familiar with the various legal issues that can arise during a DWI case, including insights into successful defense strategies to challenge evidence prosecutors have collected against our clients. If you are facing a DWI charge, you should not try to do it alone.

A few examples of the factors in a DWI case that could be challenged include:

  • Results of your breath test
  • Field sobriety testing
  • Validity of the initial stop

Do You Have Multiple DWIs On Your Record?

If you have previous DWIs on your record, the state of Texas will consider you a repeat offender. Not only are you likely to face harsher penalties, but it can be significantly more difficult to prove your innocence in a case where you are charged with a subsequent offense. Multiple DWIs can lead to additional penalties, such as spending time in jail or having your license suspended or revoked.

Providing Aggressive DWI Defense in Houston

Every DWI case is different and therefore requires a certain amount of personalized attention. If you believe law enforcement or any other officials took incorrect or illegal actions that led to your case being mishandled, we can help.

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