Tickets After Accidents

Challenging Tickets After Accidents

When you are involved in a car accident, it is a legal requirement that you call the police to come to the scene. Even if the accident is not severe, they need to examine the scene to make a police report. At this time, they will try to gather enough evidence to determine who caused the accident and they may issue tickets.

If you have received a traffic ticket after an accident in Texas, turn to our Houston traffic ticket lawyers at Paul Kubosh.

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Common Types Of Tickets Issued After Accidents

The aftermath of an accident is already stressful enough, from dealing with your insurance company and the other party’s attorney to possible car repairs and hospital bills. Having the police issue tickets on top of everything else can be especially taxing, especially when you consider the penalties of receiving a ticket. Our attorneys can work with you to help lower the impact of tickets on your insurance, record and wallet.

A few examples of tickets that can be issued at the scene of an accident include:

Do Not Pay A Ticket Before Consulting With A Lawyer

When you pay a traffic ticket, you are essentially pleading guilty. Once you have done this, we cannot defend your driving record or give you a chance to share your side of the story. Instead, hire a lawyer from our Houston firm who can help you fight the ticket.

We know that you rely on your license to get around and our goal is to help you avoid the various consequences of a traffic ticket, including license suspension or points on your license.

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