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Helping Commercial Drivers Protect Their Livelihood

We know that commercial drivers are under perpetual stress on the job. Whether you drive a big-rig for a commercial trucking company or work as a delivery driver, you have to deal with the risks of accidents while transporting valuable business goods.

At Paul Kubosh, Attorney at Law, our skilled Harris County traffic ticket attorneys know the law around Class C misdemeanors and has helped many commercial drivers keep their jobs by successfully defending against overweight tickets and other citations that truck drivers frequently receive.

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Fighting To Keep Your Record Clean

We understand that the stakes are high for commercial drivers when they are stopped and cited by police. Texas does not allow commercial drivers to take advantage of probation for traffic offenses. Traffic school is also not an option for keeping a violation off your record. We know that a bad driving record can badly affect a commercial driver’s employment – a serious violation can mean losing your job.

Our experience allows us to take your case to court and do everything we can to win before a jury. We will look at the citation to see if there are any defects that can get it thrown out. In other cases, we do all the heavy lifting in hopes of getting a favorable outcome and to possibly prevent a citation from negatively affecting your job.

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For commercial drivers, keeping a clean driving record means more than avoiding annoying fines. It can mean keeping your job. Contact Paul Kubosh, Attorney at Law, with your questions about trucking tickets or other Class C misdemeanors.

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