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Can I have a trial on my traffic ticket?

Yes! You have the right to a trial, even for a traffic ticket. To many people, an occasional traffic offense is one of the only contacts they’ll ever have with the court system. It’s important that you can exercise your rights. There are many reasons that you may choose to have a trial in a case before a Justice of the Peace.

Our attorneys for traffic ticket defense can help you exercise your trial rights effectively.

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Judge Mike Merkel

Judge Mike Merkel is the Judge of Brazoria County Justice of the Peace Precinct 3, Place 1. He is a former member of the Alvin Police Department. He was sworn in as Justice of the Peace in 2013. As a member of law enforcement, he led community programs including a volunteer program for elderly residents and persons needing special assistance.

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Contact Information for Justice of the Peace Precinct 3, Place 1


260 George St. Ste. 100

Alvin, Texas 77511


(281) 331-3524


(281) 756-0830


Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The office may be closed on holidays


Brazoria County Justice of the Peace Precinct 3, Place 1 is located at George Street and S. Hood Street. Also, S. Gordon St./T-35 is the major road that runs through the town.

Note: The City of Alvin also operates a Municipal Court in Alvin, Texas. Be sure you know which court is hearing your case, so that you go to the right building. The two courts are 7/10 of a mile apart. The court information should be written on your ticket.


The Brazoria County JP 3-1 court building has a stone veneer and large windows. There is a white sign that identifies the building as the Justice of the Peace building. The courtroom is on the first floor. Parking is available on-site.

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