Is It Worth Hiring a Lawyer for a Speeding Ticket?

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So, you’ve been slapped with a speeding ticket. You may be thinking – isn’t it just easier to pay the thing and get it over with? While the officer who handed you the speeding ticket would like you to believe this, there is a lot more to it than that. In the end, hiring a lawyer for a speeding ticket is the financially prudent choice. If you’re facing a steep speeding ticket, seek the professional legal guidance of an experienced Houston traffic ticket lawyer

Your Ticket Is Not Non-Negotiable

When an officer hands you a ticket, it is not written in stone that you are responsible for paying it. In fact, it is your legal right to fight the charge. While it may seem like a minor matter to go to any trouble over, this is actually far from the truth. Consider the following consequences that accepting guilt for a speeding ticket can bring:

  • A traffic charge on your record can raise your car insurance costs considerably, and this expense can add up quickly and become a financial burden over time.
  • If you have other tickets on your record, you could be facing a driver’s license suspension. 
  • If you pay the ticket, you are admitting guilt to the charge of speeding, and if you’re slapped with another ticket in the future, it leaves you that much more vulnerable to a driver’s license suspension. 

In order for your charge to stick, it must contain all the necessary legal criteria for a speeding charge (every traffic charge involves its own specific criteria), and an experienced traffic ticket lawyer knows how to cut to the quick of the technicalities involved in the matter and to skillfully fight the speeding ticket you face. 

An Experienced Houston Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Help

Simply accepting a traffic ticket’s charge is the easy way out, but it can have lasting consequences – and your rights are worth fighting for. The formidable Houston traffic ticket lawyers at Kubosh Law focus their practice on effectively and efficiently fighting speeding tickets like yours. For more information about what we can do to help you, please don’t hesitate to contact or call us at 713-491-6977 today.



How bad can a traffic ticket be?

A traffic ticket can leave you facing astronomical car insurance rates and even a suspended license. In the end, fighting the charge is likely to be very much worth the effort.

How can a lawyer help?

Your dedicated traffic ticket lawyer will fight your speeding charge in pursuit of a dismissal or of your case’s best possible resolution, such as a charge reduction. An attorney will correspond with the court and save you the trouble of having to deal with the court system on your own.

Is a lawyer my best option?

There are a lot of technicalities involved with speeding tickets, and an attorney understands the ins and outs of these technicalities and will bring the full force of his or her experience to bear in his or her quest to have your speeding charge dismissed (or reduced).

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