Speeding Ticket Lawyer Near Me: Here’s How to Find a Local Lawyer

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If you have a speeding ticket hanging over your head, it’s time to take action. While many people throw up their hands, pay the ticket, and try to get on with their lives, this generally isn’t the best approach to take. With an experienced Houston speeding ticket lawyer on your side, you can stare down your ticket and go after a more beneficial outcome that works for you. 

You Have Options

While the law would like you to accept the idea that your traffic ticket is the end of the line – and that your only option is to sign it, pay it off, and take the hard knocks that come along with that – don’t buy into this act. You have options, and the best way to explore them is by consulting with a dedicated speeding ticket lawyer.

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Finding the Right Local Lawyer for You

The consequences of paying your speeding ticket are significant, which makes moving forward with professional legal counsel on your side extremely beneficial. Further, finding the right speeding ticket lawyer for you doesn’t have to be an immense challenge. Give one or more of the following a try:

  • If you know anyone who’s been in a similar bind and obtained excellent results, ask for a lawyer recommendation. 
  • Google speeding ticket lawyers in your area, read what the results offer, and take a peek at the customer testimonials and reviews of the firms that interest you. 
  • If you find someone who looks like a good fit, contact the firm and spell out the specifics of your speeding ticket. 

These easy steps should get you where you need to be in terms of finding the right speeding ticket lawyer for you. 

Look No Further than an Experienced Houston Speeding Ticket Lawyer

At Kubosh Law in Houston, we take your speeding ticket as seriously as you do, and we have the successful track record to prove it. If you are ready to fight your speeding ticket – or to discuss the possibility of doing so – our focused speeding ticket lawyers are well prepared and well-positioned to help. To learn more, please don’t wait to contact or call us at 713-491-6977 today. 


What are the consequences of simply paying the ticket?

When you pay a speeding ticket, it can lead to all of the following serious consequences:

  • A sharp uptick in your car insurance costs
  • If you already have points on your license, a driver’s license suspension
  • Additional points on your driver’s license, which leaves you more vulnerable to a license suspension

Can’t I save money by bypassing the lawyer?

While you can save money by bypassing legal fees, not having a lawyer’s legal counsel in your corner can end up costing you a bundle. 

Doesn’t the ticket prove that I was speeding?

Although this is what the officer who tickets you would like you to believe, this isn’t how it works. You have the legal right to contest your guilt. 

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