What Not to Do with Your Traffic Ticket

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There is one thing that you should never do when you get a traffic ticket.

Which is…nothing.

Many people fail to take any sort of action when they receive a ticket. They just simply forgot about doing something about it, or just threw the ticket in the glove compartment and hoped it would go away somehow. Unfortunately, a minor traffic ticket can transform into a major pain in the neck.

Now that we established the single worst thing you can do, the following are the three options you have available:

  • Pay it – Remember paying it straight up may also result in points on your
    driver’s license and an increase in your insurance costs.
  • Pay it and elect traffic school – This option means that you are paying the ticket and paying the
    cost of traffic school. Most schools require you to spend at least four
    hours in their classroom. While traffic school is available only, you
    still need to spend the four-hour equivalent of being in a classroom.
  • Fight your ticket – If you choose to fight your ticket, you are putting it on “layaway.”
    This means that you do not have to pay your ticket until the end of your
    trial, and if you get it dismissed, you will not have to pay for anything!

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